Nothing lasts forever; not mortals, or the mighty Exalted, or the stars above, or Creation itself. Nothing lasts forever, but the Prison Infernal was meant to, for Hell is built from the terrible oaths and strange anatomies of the very primordial Yozis bound within. Thus the gods forced the fallen progenitors to become architects of their own torment, and thus is has been for over five thousand years…

But nothing lasts forever, and at the close of the Second Age the Advent of Brass has begun. Five Yozis throw off their shackles, and all Creation trembles:

Malfeas, the Demon City

This vast expanse of wretched urban decay, also called the City of Brass, is a living metropolis. Malfeas' body was twisted, stretched, turned inside out, and in his rage and pain he writhes and thrashes, crashing streets and districts against each other in his efforts to be free. His pride will let him do nothing else, for he was King in the days before his sentence, most powerful and most important of his kin.

The Ebon Dragon, the Shadow of All Things

There is no night within the Demon City, but something like night occurs when this twisting shadow passes beneath the green sun. The Ebon Dragon is set in opposition to all things. A liar, a trickster, a quisling wretch, he does not give honest loyalty to even his fellow Yozis; the complex calculus of an infernal prisoner's dilemma drives him ever to betray, and his every scheme brings him only more torment, but the scorpion cannot betray its nature.

Cecelyne, the Endless Dessert

The Endless Desert surrounds Malfeas on all sides, a prison for the prison. She gives shape to the Demon City, for only within the desert can one see its hellish skyline, but she threatens to consume it, too, beneath her shifting sands. An infinite space, where velocity and trajectory have no meaning and only time holds any sway, nothing less than five days and nights of ceaseless, diligent travel will see a pilgrim across.

She Who Lives In Her Name, the Principle of Hierarchy

Somewhere in the Demon City a fire burns, enclosed within a crystal sphere. That fire whispers to the 100 spheres around it, each with their own fire burning, and they whisper in turn to their 99,997 surrounding fellows. This is the Principle of Hierarchy, and she may bind the prisoners of Hell more than any other Yozi, for her very nature dictates that there be victors and the vanquished, rulers and the rules, wardens and the jailed. Without that, what even is a prison or its chains?

Adorjan, the Silent Wind

Whipping through the labyrinthine spaces of the Demon City, Adorjan goes only where she is not called, for she cannot abide much noise. In this way she is a voiceless warden, ensuring proper behavior among the prisoners. Throughout the City of Brass is cacophonous, riotous noise as voices are raised, bells rung, and trumpets played, for song is the glory demanded of the damned.

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