A Clever Rain Of Words And Ways
Odysseus-meets-the Black Panther
Limit Trigger
The Solar is insulted, belittled, betrayed, or deliberately frustrated by another character.
Defining Guest-Right is the most sacred law, honor and obligation of all.
Major Gods be my guides, but no stars rule me; a Destiny is for mortal men.
Major I am protector of exiles and a prince of orphans; these are my closest kin.
Major Trouble and adventure are my meat and bread.
Major The Honest Wind and Her Crew (Grief and Loss)
Minor My Destiny (It might own me, yet)
Minor The Honest Wind and Her Crew (Hope Unspoken)
Minor Ahlat (Due Respect)
Minor My Mother (Dark Curiosity)
Minor Song of Hope (Gratitude)

Goddess, sing to me of the man of words and ways,
Driven over many waters, an exile, searching always for his home.
Many lands he traveled, both stranger and an honored guest;
Many pains he suffered, heartsick, out on the open sea.
Launch out on this story, O Goddess, teller of tales, and
Start when Clever Rain was but a child…

An exile in Harborhead, Anu-Umar was called Little Rain and kin-pledged to the orphans in the House of the Bull God. Raised at the feet of the Leopard Throne, he cooked and mended, cleaned and carried and attended to guests, his service payment for the gift of his fosterage.

It wasn’t an easy upbringing, but he learned the laws of the fire peoples and the languages of the Imperial Satrap’s court; to wrestle as bulls wrestle; and, above all, he learned the sea, in the rigging of the Leopard’s merchant dhows and pleasure yachts.

Rain's fate called to him through deep waters, but he nearly met that fate in chains, sold to the Satrap to pay the Leopard’s taxes. He shouted defiance as he stood upon the docks; hospitality broken, guest-right forsaken! What honor left in the oldest of laws? What promise left in the most sacred of embassies?

In that moment Rain was Chosen; in that moment, he was freed. A golden leopard, eclipsed by its own spots, his anima blazed to life. Snapping his chains and those of his kin, the newly-Crowned Sun invited his fellow orphans and exiles aboard the Leopard’s yacht, the Honest Wind, and they set sail upon a manifest tide.

A Clever Rain of Words and Ways traveled over many waters in search of his destiny, but found only an Age of Sorrows. Wise Rain, he piloted merchant princes and village elders through dire straits; Cruel Rain, he wrecked oathbreakers upon rocky shoals; Clever Rain, his compass pointed to trouble and adventure across the Inland Sea.

In a toad-filled temple near An-Teng, one inconsiderately acquired bauble earned Rain the ire of Ogime the Frog Queen. He learned the Tiger Form from cinder monks in Chaya, but the turning seasons brought a cannibalistic madness to the locals and cut his training short. Weary Heron, patron of refugees, gave the Honest Wind her blessing, but the crew squandered every holy feather casting dice with the Lintha.

When Hell broke through the cracks in the world, Rain found his Destiny at last. Without warning, the Honest Wind floated on Kimberry, the Sea that Marched Against the Flame, and Adjoran, the Silent Wind, filled her sails. They ran aground upon the shores of Cecelyne, the Endless Desert, and Malfeas, the Demon City, writhed at the edge of her impossible horizon, pinned beneath a green sun.

Within the city Rain picked out a Tower of Brass, and within that tower his living Destiny, which he had chased so long: an infernal prince, consigned to Hell by his lost mother’s machinations, drawing him towards an inexorable doom. When Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares, washed over the ship, Rain lost his grip on the helm.

Clever Rain washed ashore in Urim alone and castaway. He was home, but still in exile; though a prince among orphans, his subjects had all vanished, thrown to their own promised winds.

He knocked on doors, a beggar; he asked for shelter, a stranger in the land of his birth. A man of the city took him in; fed him fish and fruit and bread, gave him wine, clothed him in fine linens; and, as befits a guest, Clever Rain told his tale into long and hearthside nights.

Days passed, and then the letter arrived; Rain's Destiny was waiting, and Creation was crying out for heroes.

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