The Descending Hierarchy

The inmates of the Prison Infernal are more complex than the mortal mind can bear. Each Yozi is a singular, primordial being, but the things we would recognize as parts of the whole — heart, mind, soul — are, for them, different creatures, with sapience all their own: the Demons of the Adamant Circle.

These third-circle demons, themselves, have souls made up of seven distinct Demons of the Sapphire Circle, who represent their progenitors' ability to communicate, define, express, gratify, protect, reflect, and understand their own essential natures.

Taken as a whole, the fallen Primordials, from Yozi on down to second-circle demons, are perhaps best thought of not as individuals but as kingdoms entire: king, nobles, ministers, and clergy are all separate beings, with their own dominion, but all are part of a greater whole; each works towards their own selfish ends, yet bows knee to some common goal.

By this understanding, the Demons of the Emerald Circle are soldiers and peasants within the kingdoms of hell; they own no dominions but are part of them, ruled by them, owned by them. First-circle demons are not component souls of any greater being, but species of creatures spawned by their betters, created to serve.

The Hierarchy of Adorjan

Jacint, the Prince Upon the Tower (18th Soul of Adorjan)

Zsofika, the Kite Flute (Jacint's Messenger Soul)

  • Angyalkae, the Harpists
  • Teodozjia, the Lions Sent Into the World

Gumela, the Jewled Auditor (Jacint's Wisdom Soul)

  • Amphelisiae, the Teakettle Courtiers
  • Demjen, the Quickeners of Ores
  • Marottes, the Hopping Puppeteers

The Hierarchy of Cecelyne

In her infinite scope the Endless Desert swallows all boundaries, and her component souls embody what she has consumed. This is why she is the lawgiver of the Yozis, for she holds within her the very limits of freedom.

Orabilis, the End of All Wisdom (6th Soul of Cecelyne)

Lucien, the Guardian of Sleep (Orabilis' Expressive Soul)

  • Gilmyne, the Dancers at the Saigoth Gates
  • Perroneles, the Living Armors
  • Tinsiana, the Scorpion Demons

Gebre, the Pavane of Dying Stars (Orabilis' Messenger Soul)

Florivet, the Whim-of-the-Wind (Orabilis' Reflective Soul)

  • Agatae, the Beauteous Wasps
  • Naneke, the Readers of Forbidden Texts

The Hierarchy of The Ebon Dragon

Marsilion, the Eidolon of Shadow (4th Soul of the Ebon Dragon)

Erembour, that Which Calls to the Shadows (7th Soul of the Ebon Dragon)

Mara, the Shadow-Lover (Erembour's Defining Soul)

  • Bisclavarets, the Shadow Eaters

Alveua, Keeper of the Forge of Night (Erembour's Expressive Soul)

  • Firmin, the Needlemakers
  • Sesseljae, the Stomach Bottle Bugs

Aetmos, Brother of Brass and Iron (Erembour's Indulgent Soul)

Makarios, the Sigil's Dreamer (Erembour's Warden Soul)

  • Chrysogonae, the Crying Women

Akallu, He Who Deceives (?th Soul of the Ebon Dragon)

Emerenzia, Minister of the Ivory Tassel (Akallu's Defining Soul)

  • Aalu, the Cannibal Bureaucrats

The Hierarchy of Malfeas

In another lifetime, the Malfeas-that-was lorded over the Primordials as tyrant and king, and his souls still represent those qualities of rulership; unblinking power, noblesse oblige, and pride. Malfeas rules yet, but as the Demon City, where his souls' physical forms compose the geography of hell.

Ligier, the Green Sun (Fetich Soul of Malfeas)

Berengiere, the Weaver of Voices (Ligier's Indulgent Soul)

  • Neomah, the Makers of Flesh
  • Noresores, the Passion Morays

Gervesin, the Grieving Lord (Ligier's Messenger Soul)

  • Decanthropes, the Body Snatchers
  • Metody, the Malfean Elementals
  • Patrok, the Havens of Wanderers

Sondok, She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways (Ligier's Warden Soul)

  • Erymanthoi, the Blood Apes

Amalion the Manse of Echoes Ascending (5th Soul of Malfeas)

Ipithymia, the Street of Golden Lanterns (13th Soul of Malfeas)

Suntarankal, the Crucible of Brass and Iron (15th Soul of Malfeas)

The Hierarchy of She Who Lives In Her Name

Munaxes, the Ravine of Whispers (4th Soul of She Who Lives In Her Name)

Octavian, the Living Tower (Munaxes' Defining Soul)

  • Gethin, the Harvesters of Rarities
  • Luminata, the Deer That Hunt Men
  • Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenals

Karacalla, the Gorge of a Stillborn Promise (Munaxes' Expressive Soul)

Stanewald, She Who Surmounted the Omphalos (Munaxes' Reflective Soul)

  • Gallmau, the Hooded Lanterns

Sagarduia, the River of Crystal Fire (7th Soul of She Who Lives In Her Name)

The Hierarchies of the Rest

The other Yozis are no less terrible than their kin, only less storied by sages and savants, for they form mere portions of the prison, not its very roots.

Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares

Isidoros, the Black Boar That Twists the Skies

Kimberry, the Sea That Marched Against the Flame

Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World

Sacheverell, He That Sees the Shape of Things to Come

Szoreny, the Silver Forest

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