An Invitation to a Meeting of the Urim Society of Antiquity and Cultural Studies

On the morning of 2 Ascending Air, you received the following letter by special courier in your lodgings in Urim, where you are either currently residing or simply passing through.

Ladies and Gentleman,

The society would like to extend to you an invitation to a special open meeting. On the night of 7 Ascending Air, at 9:00 PM, a presentation will be delivered by Lajni, Chief Archivist of Urim, for the edification of the society. In addition, a special request will be made to all those attending on behalf of the city archives.

You have been selected as astrologically requisite for this meeting, as determined by portents and divinations made by the Urim Long-term Strategic Planning Directorate. Please make every effort to attend.

For those unfamiliar with the society, cocktail dress is appropriate. All weapons should be peace-bonded before entry. Immaterial spirits are prohibited on the premises, as a precaution against disturbing certain delicate artifacts in our collection. A light supper will be served at 9:30pm, followed by Lajni's presentation.

Thank you for your assistance,
Arun Indrakshi, Chief Secretary of USACS

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