Ebon Dragon

The 4th Soul: Marsilion, the Eidolon of Shadow

The 7th Soul: Erembour, that Which Calls to the Shadows

  • Defining Soul: Mara, the Shadow-Lover
    • Bisclavarets, the Shadow Eaters
  • Expressive Soul: Alveua, Keeper of the Forge of Night
    • Firmin, the Needlemakers
    • Sesseljae, the Stomach Bottle Bugs
  • Indulgent Soul: Aetamos, Brother of Brass and Iron
  • Messenger Soul:
  • Reflective Soul:
  • Warden Soul: Makarios, the Sigil's Dreamer
    • Chrysogonae, the Crying Women
  • Wisdom Soul:

The ?th Soul: Akallu, He Who Deceives

  • Defining Soul: Emerenzia, Minister of the Ivory Tassel
    • Aalu, the Cannibal Bureaucrats
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