Voyage of the Honest Wind

This twin-masted dhow, swift as an arrow's flight, seems lost to the Advent of Brass. Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares, swept over the bow and carried the ship and all her crew away, and what became of them since, whether spread across Creation or wrecked upon the Malfean shore, is a tale for another time.

Nor is this the tale of the Wind's early days, when her teak boards were newly-laid and lashed together with coconut rope; when she carried the Brides of Ahlat off to war, traded as far away as the Cinder Coast, and feted the Leopard and Imperial Satrap in state through Harborhead's waters.

No, this is the tale of the Voyage of the Honest Wind in those few years when a Clever Rain guided her helm, and she and her crew were known across the Inland Sea and beyond by those with an ear for adventure…

Adamant, Her Vows Unbroken

  • A Bride of Ahlat, still a fierce warrior though past the age of divorce


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Nanshe, the Merciful Tide

  • ?

Marut, the Hammer Descending

  • A northern barbarian, a giant of a man with a shield like a wall

Pama Shan, the Loyal Wave

  • A mortal sorceress, pledged to an ascetic water cult


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Xanthius, the Slave Eternal

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