Mamoonh Character Sheet

Mamoonh, the Speaker of Pain
Solar Exalted, Twilight Caste, Essence 1


Strength 4
Dexterity 4
Resistance 5

Charisma 4
Manipulation 1
Appearance 2

Perception 2
Intelligence 4
Wits 3

C=Caste, F=Favored, S=Supernal, E=Excellency [Specialty]
Archery 0
Athletics 4 FE
Awareness 4 FE [Armed Foes]
Brawl 5 FE [Punching Things]
Bureaucracy 0
Craft 1 CE
Dodge 1
Integrity 3 CE
Investigation 0
Larceny 0
Linguistics 1
Lore 5 CE [Geography of Verang]
Medicine 5 CSE [Pressure Points]
Melee 0
Occult 1 CE
Performance 0
Presence 1
Resistance 4 FE
Ride 0
Sail 0
Socialize 0
Stealth 0
Survival 3 FE
Thrown 0
War 0

Sibling 5 (Both are Exalted in some form. Don't know which one is on my side! The other is a dangerous foe.)
Hearthstone 4 (I have a hearthstone. A big one! I don't know what it does, just that I'm supposed to keep it away from my brother… but which brother?)
Iron Stomach 1 (I can eat anything, and I'm famous for my insatiable appetite.)


Minor Tie: Jaya Jwoti (The name rings like a bell in my mind, from my past life.)
Minor Tie: Another PC, TBD
Major Tie: My Siblings: I will no longer be their peacemaker. They are reckless, irresponsible, not to be trusted, and should probably be thwarted.
Defining Principle: If we don't stop the incursions, nothing else will matter.



  • Wound-Mending Care Technique
  • Wound-Cleansing Meditation
  • Instant Treatment Methodology
  • Anointment of Miraculous Health
  • Flawless Diagnosis Technique
  • Touch of Blissful Release
  • Feit of Imparted Nature
  • Master Chirugeon Meditation


  • Fists of Iron Technique
  • Thunderclap Rush Attack
  • Falling Hammer Strike
  • Ferocious Jab
  • Heaven Thunder Hammer


  • Ox-Body Technique


  • Sensory Acuity Prana (Might swap this out for something else?)
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