Mamoonh The Speaker Of Pain

(Character sheet is here: Mamoonh Character Sheet)

"True, I was born without caste, and lived that way for a score of years. Each day I awoke by dawn's early light, without place, without caste… until the day I awoke at Twilight's last gleaming, Exalted before Heaven by the will of the Unconquered Sun. If I could be so chosen, why not your son's lover or your daughter's servant? It is perilous to despise the wretched, for Heaven's Mandate is subtle and deep."

Three Casteless Brothers in the harborside slums of Urim:

  • Birrung who Brings Pain - The eldest, legendary terror of the slums. Volatile, intense, feared for his fists that snap bones and destroy walls.
  • Yarbirri who Laughs at Pain - The middle, legendary braggart and daredevil. Gallant, boastful, and reckless, with a reputation for walking away from any altercation bruised and battered, but whole.
  • Mamoonh, the Speaker of Pain - The youngest, canniest. Genial and easygoing. Can take his brothers' punches and knows his brothers' limits, always there to pick up the pieces when his brothers' quarrels wreck homes and lives.

Oh, how the eldest and middle-brothers fought. One who could crush anyone with a punch, one who could turn aside any blow. What caused such ire between them? None can recall. As far back as any can remember, the two were rivals in all things, constantly at cross-purposes. And equally as far back as any can remember, Mamoonh travelled in their wake, to undo the damage they did in their anger. But they never actually went so far as to try to kill each other, until the day the rainwaters turned to viridian and the fabric of creation tore open. That day their quarrel shook the very earth and sky, and gave the Ancient Machines pause.

Mamoonh stepped between them, as he had so often in the past. This time, Mamoonh took a blow on each outstretched palm, one from each brother, and as Birrung's fist transmitted its power through Mamoonh's left hand, vibrations ran from head to toe and transmitted them through his right hand to Yarbirri. In that brief moment, Mamoonh became aware of essence rippling through every vein and chakra, and he took the Second Breath. And then the world exploded

Which came first the Advent or the quarrel? Did one cause the other? Or did fate conspire that the Unconquered Sun would choose a champion from the same neglected, festering, casteless district of Urim where Malfeas chose to drop a tower of Brass?

The rest of that night remains a blur in Mamoonh's memory. He recalls a night of endless fighting - against his brothers, as demons rampaged around them; then alongside his brothers against the demons and against the soldiers sent in to contain the situation, as their neighbors and fellow slum-dwellers pushed against the barricades in an attempt to flee. And then his brothers were gone, and Mamoonh recalls an endless flight down an ancient maintenance tunnel beneath the city, with scores of casteless children from the slum in tow. Getting the children aboard the last ship leaving the demon-wracked harbor. And then back to the tower to face the demons once more - this time alongside the soldiers, not against them. When the Wyld Hunt arrived, the soldiers told them stories of a tall, stocky, dark-skinned man with a youth's face and an elder's wrinkled brow walking among them, straightening limbs, restoring color to cheeks, pulling demonic poison from their chakras, holding the line until the exorcists came.

Mamoonh remembers little of this. He slept the entire next day, and night, and day, until he awoke in evening twilight at the far edge of the city, a burning mark upon his brow. Clutched in one hand, a hearthstone; in the other, a note scrawled on piece of parchment. On one side of the page was a fragment of an ingeniously complex schematic depicting the Ordinal Locus of the Cosmic Orrery of Urim. On the other side, an unsigned note in hasty scrawl - "Do not let our brother get his hands on this stone. We both know what he would do with it, and it cannot be allowed to happen."

Hans' Notes

  • Big, dark-skinned man with a slightly mischievous grin.
  • Metaplot fodder: In a past life, was an associate of Jaya Jyotl, but has very little memory of this other than the name and a few strong emotional impressions. The Hearthstone has something to do with this too, unless it doesn't.
  • I dropped an Advent directly into Urim, I hope that doesn't mess anything up! Not a Thorns-size Advent, mind you.
    • JK: In an earlier draft of my background, I did the exact same thing. It's still implied in the current version, just not explicit.
  • Any chance that the ship that smuggled out the children from the slums was Jason's character's ship? Yes/no?
    • JK: Alas, no: the ship and all aboard, save Clever Rain himself, were lost on Rain's first encounter with an Advent (implied, as noted above, to be in Urim).
  • Wow Such Medicine Charms. Why am I a master at medicine? What am I destined to heal or cure? And what does it have to do with Jaya Jyotl?
  • My brothers exalted… but as what?

Edit notes: Changed references from Verang (should have been Varang, whoops) to Urim to be more precise. I'll continue to tweak this for continuity.

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