Non Player Characters

Pages for NPCs

The Ordained Bureaucracy of Urim

Crooked Lajni, Chief Archivist of Urim

Pragalbha, Most Diligent, Sanitation Engineer

Those Who Fate Has Lost

The Honest Wind, and her crew

The Taken, those gone with the Break of Selchis

Many Scattered Nights

The Society of the Azure Flame, the women who keep hope alive after a Break

The Twelve, family of Song of Hope

Umar-Aja, Astronomer-Queen of Urim

Ancestral Voices Prophesying War

Jaya Jyoti, the Southern Arsenal, First Age Twilight Caste Artificer and Historian

Hungry Dogs in an Open Field

Omarjeet, the Sacred Mystery
Clean, mistress of the art of cutting
Laughing Shakti, richest merchant in all of Urim
Skyblaster, captain of Sharkland
Quintillus Blackhand, the maculate immaculate
Power Incarnate, eldest witch in all of Varang
Induj, the Dragon Rider
Captain Madhulika, highest ranking military office in Urim

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