SaiJayani's Grimoire
Name Ability Type Duration Cost Book Page Effect
Harmonious Academic Methodology Lore Permanent Permanent Core 330 With this Charm, add the Solar’s Essence in non-Charm automatic successes to any Lore roll that involves a Lore specialty. In addition, the player may add an additional Lore specialty to her list of Lore topics at the end of each story.Finally, at any point in which the Solar succeeds at a moderately or extremely difficult roll to introduce or challenge a fact (p. 237), the player may request to add a related topic to the Solar’s library of known topics. Current list of topics is here.
Excellent Strike Melee Supplemental Instant 3m Core 346 The Exalt channels Essence through skill, honing her accuracy in order to strike true. Her attack gains one automatic success. Additionally, all 1s are rerolled until 1s no longer appear.
Fire and Stones Strike Melee Supplemental Instant 1m per die/success Core 346 The Solar strikes with telling force, burning Essence surging into the body of her target and shattering it from within. On a withering attack, the Exalt spends up to her (Strength) score in motes before making the attack. If the attack hits, each mote spent adds a single die to the postsoak damage of the attack. This strike has the potential to increase minimum damage (p. 184). On a decisive attack, the Exalt may spend up to (Essence or three, whichever is greater) motes before making the attack to transfer an equal number of extra successes from her attack roll into the raw damage of the blow.
One Weapon, Two Blows Melee Reflexive Instant 3m Core 346 Sensing an opening, the Solar strikes with surpassing speed. Immediately after making a withering attack which lowers an opponent’s current Initiative from a value greater to a value less than the Solar’s own, she may use this Charm to unleash a second attack against that opponent. This second attack may be withering or decisive.
Dipping Swallow Defense Melee Reflexive Instant 2m Core 346 With speed and grace, the Exalt flashes to her own defense. Even when she is beleaguered she strikes away blows with preternatural accuracy. The Solar can ignore all penalties to parry an attack with her full Defense. In addition, any attack she successfully parries with Dipping Swallow Defense grants her one point of Initiative. This Charm cannot by itself remove the penalties from a surprise attack.
Spirit-Detecting Glance Occult Reflexive One Scene 3m Core 354 The Solar can look through the pall of reality to glimpse the realm of spirits beneath. With this Charm, the Solar can see (but not touch) immaterial spirits.
Spirit-Cutting Attack Occult Supplemental Instant 1m Core 354 The Solar infuses her attack with the emotive force of her anima, to strike an immaterial spirit. This Charm supplements a single attack to strike a spirit which has not materialized. If the Solar is not using the prerequisite or another similar magic, this attack is made at -3 dice. Spirit- Cutting Attack may be used in combination with the Charms of other Abilities.
Ghost-Eating Technique Occult Supplemental Instant 3m Core 354 This Charm is the technique by which the Solars slew the enemies of the gods, and spirits hate and fear it. This Charm may supplement attacks made by other Abilities. An attack supplemented by this Charm does aggravated damage against spirits, and draws a number of motes from the spirit equal to the highest wound penalty inflicted by the attack. For example, striking off a number of -1 health levels would give the Solar one mote. Striking off a number of -2 health levels and a -4 would give the Solar four motes. If a spirit is slain by this attack, it is destroyed permanently, and the pattern of its Essence is subsumed by the Solar’s anima. Destroying a spirit with this Charm grants the Exalt (Solar’s Essence + spirit’s Essence) motes.
Phantom-Seizing Strike Occult Reflexive Instant 1m, 1wp Core 355 The Exalt suffuses her target’s body with Solar Essence. An immaterial opponent struck by this technique becomes material for two turns. The Solar may activate this Charm after landing an attack with Spirit-Cutting Attack. So long as the damage roll generates at least one success, she may trigger this Charm.
Terrestrial Circle Sorcery Occult Permanent Permanent Core 360-361 The Solar steps through the First Circle and is forever transformed. Upon learning this Charm, the Exalt gains the ability to learn and cast spells from the Terrestrial Circle of sorcery. In addition, the Solar learns one shaping ritual (p. 466) and one Terrestrial spell for free. The spell selected becomes the sorcerer’s “control spell,” and may feature in the anima iconography and be referenced in the mechanics of certain Charms.
Harmonious Presence Meditation Presence Reflexive One Scene 5m or 7m Core 369 The Lawgiver embodies virility, magnetism and grace, empowering her forces of persuasion. For five motes, this Charm grants three bonus dice to all forms of social influence from all Abilities except Stealth. In addition, the cost of all social influence Charms are reduced by one mote, to a minimum of one. The seven mote version of this Charm extends the duration to indefinite.
Tiger's Dread Symmetry Presence Permanent Permanent Core 370 The Lawgiver is a singular and terrifying being, awesome to behold. Learning this Charm grants one bonus die to all Presence rolls and allows the Exalt to reroll (Essence or three, whichever is greater) non-successes on rolls to intimidate. In addition, if the Solar has activated Majestic Radiant Presence, a character must resist an automatic intimidate attempt before he’s able to attempt an ambush attack. This effect does not make the Solar aware of her attacker—it simply means that, as her assassin draws a bead on her from the shadows, her fierce look and deadly grace emanates forth to cow him. The intimidate action may only be supported by Charms that are ongoing or otherwise can be used unconsciously.
Name Distortion Duration Cost Book Page Effect
Demon of the First Circle Instant Ritual, 2wp Core 473 The sorcerer conjures one of the least monsters of the Demon Realm into Creation, breaking and binding it to her will. This spell requires a ritual that begins at sundown, and ends at the stroke of midnight. A faint green glow traces out a rift between Creation and Hell, and a First Circle Demon of the sorcerer’s choice is drawn forth, howling with rage, fear, or sorrow. Demons summoned by this spell must be bound with an (Intelligence + Occult) roll against their Resolve. The sorcerer may choose to make the demon her personal slave for a year and a day, giving it a Defining Tie of loyalty to her that cannot be weakened or altered by any means and setting its Resolve to 0 against any influence rolls she makes. Alternatively, she may assign it to complete a specific task—“Construct a tower using these plans,” “Murder Magistrate Yang,” “Dig a tunnel through this wall”—for as long as it takes to complete. Task-bound demons form a Defining Principle of “I must complete my task,” which is similarly impervious to tampering. On a failed binding roll, the sorcerer is unable to bind the demon, and must make a (Wits + Occult) roll against a difficulty of the demon’s Willpower to banish it back to Hell. If she fails, then the demon is unleashed, unbound, into Creation—and is most likely very angry at her.
Invulnerable Skin of Bronze Distortion (Goal Number: 12): Distorting the spell forces the sorcerer to feel the full weight of her metal skin bearing down on her, imposing a -4 mobility penalty for one scene. If her total mobility penalty exceeds (the higher of her Strength or Athletics), then she loses the ability to take reflexive move actions, and must take a miscellaneous action to cross a range band even under normal circumstances. Distortion also disables all three of the spell’s special powers. One Day 20sm, 1wp Core 474 The sorcerer suffuses the void between her skin and the surrounding air with Essence, weaving a second skin of shining bronze, supple and flexible as silk but cold and impervious as any metal. The Invulnerable Skin of Bronze gives the sorcerer +6 natural soak and Hardness 6, while rendering her immune to poison delivered through contact. Her metal-armored limbs deal lethal damage and use the traits of medium weapons when she makes unarmed attacks. While her mobility is not normally impaired, she is considered to be wearing medium armor, which might deny her the use of certain Martial Arts styles or other effects. Her bronze skin is also heavy—she will sink in water or mud, and fragile surfaces won’t support her weight. In addition, characters with an Essence pool gain access to the following powers while this spell is active: • Brazen Aegis Rebuke (3m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Counterattack, Decisive-only): Even hardened steel recoils from the Invulnerable Skin of Bronze, ringing off its indestructible surface. After being hit with an attack in close combat, the sorcerer may use this power to counterattack with a disarm gambit. This counterattack is both unblockable and undodgeable. • Invincible God-Metal Flash (10m, 2a or 3a; Reflexive; Instant; Decisive-only): When even the Invulnerable Skin of Bronze cannot withstand the force of an enemy’s blows, the sorcerer may shed it in a burst of protective Essence. While her anima is at the burning or bonfire level, she may use Invincible God-Metal Flash to reduce the raw damage of a decisive attack by her (Essence + 5), discharging her anima through the spell. The skin of bronze shatters as it absorbs the attack, and the sorcerer cannot cast it again until its original duration has elapsed. Her anima is returned to the dim level. • Sorcerer’s Impervious Mantle (4m; Reflexive; Instant; Withering-only): The sorcerer’s Essence surges through her armored skin, reducing the minimum damage of a withering attack by one.
Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares (Control) Distortion (Special): Distorting the Silent Words of Dreamsand Nightmares requires the opposing sorcerer to find either the character who cast it or the spell’s victim before he sleeps. Instead of having a set goal number, every two successes the distorting sorcerer accumulates before the terminus of the action elapses adds +1 to the victim’s Resolve against the dream’s influence, up to a maximum bonus of +4. One Dream Ritual, 1wp Core 475 Staring into a polished mirror, still pond, or other reflective surface, the sorcerer brandishes a scrap of clothing, lock of hair, or similar symbolic link to another character, using it to gain power over that person’s dreams. The next time the target sleeps, he experience an especially vivid and memorable dream created by the sorcerer. She rolls (Intelligence + Presence) to instill, persuade, or inspire the dreaming character, as best fits the imagery and emotional tenor of the dream she creates. He cannot apply any Intimacies to enhance Resolve against this influence, nor can he pay Willpower to resist unless the influence threatens one of his Intimacies. The symbolic link to the dreamer is burnt to a fine white ash upon his waking, requiring the sorcerer to procure another before she can cast this spell on him again. A sorcerer who knows Silent Words of Dreams and Nightmares as her control spell may cast it without needing a link to her target, so long as she has interacted with him in person previously. Once she has done so, she must meet with him once more before she can cast this spell without a link again.


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