The Witch SaiJayani, Shaper of Souls and Iron
Solar Exalted, Twilight Caste, Essence 1, Willpower 8


A portrait of SaiJayani in the carefree days before the break. Since then, she's cut her hair to a more practical length, and typically wears it in a long braid or coiled around her head like a crown. These days, she's more likely to wear leather armor than a light saree. SaiJayani is twenty years old, and has an expressive, earnest face. In addition to her unnaturally white hair, she has bright green eyes, the shade of sunlight through spring leaves.

As she's moved forward in the time since the break, she's taken to tattooing herself with images she finds important— arcane sigils and icons, creatures both fantastical and real, symbols to remind her of the people she cares about, and memorials to those she lost in the break (and since then).

The skin over her heart is tattooed with a single blue flame.

The Library
A History of the Witch SaiJayani
SaiJayani's Grimoire
Spirit and Ink
The Rituals of Empowering
The Areas of Her Expertise
Favored Familiars
The Society of the Azure Flame
The Lost of Sechis
Formal Character Sheet
Character Concept
Burly Witch (Like a fistwizard, but more lady-like)
Limit Trigger and Current Limit Value
SaiJayani witnesses the suffering of innocents, and is unable or unwilling to help. (1)
Defining I will find my family one day.
Defining Women should band together to improve and encourage each other as we protect, prevent, and heal the Malfean intrusion.
Major I will use the demons' own power to subvert their ends.
Major Demons (Hatred and Rage)
Major The Society of the Azure Flame (Hope For The Future)
Minor The Survivors of Selchis (Sorrow and Guilt)
Minor Elementals (Nervous Admiration)
Minor Song of Hope (The Break Is Seared Upon Both Our Hearts)
Minor Mamoonh (Respect From One Survivor To Another)
Minor Clever Rain (Is So Dashing And Handsome!)
Strength 4 Charisma 4 Perception 3
Dexterity 3 Manipulation 1 Intelligence 5
Resistance 2 Appearance 3 Wits 3
C = Caste, F = Favored, S = Supernal, E = Excellency [Specialty]
Archery 0 Larceny 0 Ride 0
Athletics 1 Linguistics 1 Sail 0
Awareness 3 Lore 2 CE [Demons] Socialise 0
Brawl 2 Medicine 0 Stealth 0
Beaurocracy 0 Occult 5 SCE [Demons] Survival 1 FE
Craft 1 CE Performance 0 Thrown 0
Dodge 3 FE Presence 5 FE [Women] War 0
Integrity 1 CE Resistance 3 FE
Investigation 1 CE Melee 5 FE [The Ghost-Forged Hammer]
Cult 2 The Society of the Azure Flame. It's more of a secret society, really.
Influence 1 But I'm its leader.
Resources 2 Collections from the Society of the Azure Flame.
Language 1 The signs, countersigns, and hand-talk that keep my secret society secret.
Artifact 4 The Ghost-Forged Hammer
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