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Also known as the Viridian Infection, and the Advent of Brass. A break is a Malfean invasion into creation. It is characterized by the following warning signs:

  • All water begins to ripple with heptagonal ripples.
  • The water becomes tinted with viridian, as though reflecting the light of a green sun.
  • All water freezes and shatters with a peal of silence lasting for seven minutes.

During these seven minutes, the break spreads, rapidly replacing creation with Malfeas. Those trapped in the broken land vanish if trapped within vanishing structures. Those incapable of wielding essence are frozen in place. Essence users may move but not speak.

At the end of seven minutes, there is a cacophonous sound as demons pour into the break for seventeen minutes, bubbling up from the ground and out of buildings. If they are unmolested, they will establish an ecosystem in the broken land and nearby environs. The break no longer spreads during this period.

At the end of seventeen minutes, the rush of demons into creation ceases.

For the first two years of these breaks, the pattern stopped at this point. Since then, some breaks have followed a different pattern.

After the seventeen minutes of demonic spawning, there is a period of one hundred and seventeen minutes of respite, before the cycle begins again, first with the harbingers on the water, followed by another seven minutes of silence and seventeen minutes of summoning, increasing the size and population of the broken land tenfold. In the city of Thorns, this cycle repeated five times, eventually consuming the entire city.

Broken Land

The site of a break. Structures are replaced with buildings of brass, waters are replaced by caustic pools, beasts and men are replaced by demons. The sun fails to shine within these lands, plants of creation will not grow, and they disturb the flows of the essence in creation, often weakening demesnes and breaking the geomantic structure of manses nearby.


RY - 7500 (Very Roughly) - The second city is founded, and the Cosmic Orrery is constructed.

RY -5000 (Very Roughly) - The second city is destroyed, apparently by a great flood.

RY -4700 (Roughly) - The third city is founded. The Durgo river is redirected to meet the Urv river south of the city, ending seasonal droughts in the surrounding farmlands.

RY -4550 (Roughly) - The third city is destroyed in the primordial war.

RY -4500 (Roughly) - Primordials Surrender

RY -4200 (Roughly) - The fourth city is founded. Roads are constructed in the plains, which still stand.

RY -2700 (Roughly) - The fourth city is destroyed by a fire. It burns for five hundred years.

RY -2000 (Roughly) - The fifth city is founded. The canals are constructed in the countryside.

RY -750 (Roughly) - The Usurpation

RY -730 (Roughly) - The fifth city on the site is annihilated by a device ignited by a Night Caste first age solar trying to evade pursuit.

RY -720 (Roughly) - The sixth city is founded - Urd Alam. The moon tower is constructed in the noon quarter.

RY -5 - The Great Contagion Begins

RY -2 - The contagion wipes out Urd Alam. The site is abandoned for more than a hundred years.

RY 126 - Founding of Urim, the seventh city on the site

RY 763 - The Scarlet Empress Disappears during the Calibration

RY 764 - Thorns Falls to the Mask of Winters

  • Tepet Legions are Destroyed by the Bull of the North
  • The first break occurs in a disused temple in Ysyr. The break is discovered, contained, and studied as a curiosity. at the time, it is suspected to be the result of a botched summoning.

RY 767 - Thorns is Broken

  • The Thorns break shatters the Mask of Winter's ambitions while simultaneously decimating a Realm fleet sitting in blockade of the port.
  • Selchis is wiped off the map during a performance by The Heaven's Song Circus.

RY 768 - The Circle Forms

  • The tomb of the solar artificer Jaya Jyoti, the Southern Arsenal, is opened by Most Diligent Pragalbha, a sanitation engineer working on a new sewage main in the city of Urim. She turns the site over to city authorities.
  • Pragalbha is found dead in her apartment.
  • There are five robbery attempts, two of which are partially successful.
  • In the dead of night, on the rooftops of Urim, two dragons battle in a spectacular display of essence. Neither falls, morning's light shows scattered pages across a quarter of the city, evidently lost during the battle. A single page will sell for a year's wages on the black market.



Urim, the Peacock City. Its walls are glazed blue-green like the sea. Its streets radiate out from the center, subdividing it into six districts and twenty-four subdistricts, one for each hour of the day.

  • Urim Society of Antiquity and Cultural Studies
  • The Tomb of Jaya Jyoti
  • Cosmic Orrery: Few know that beneath Urim lies the far older city of Urd Alam, and beneath that the five other cities of increasing age. The cosmic orrery belongs to the second city, a marvel of essence manipulation, astronomical precision, and destiny divination. It does not work.
  • The Midnight District: The blackest slums of Urim, allegedly reserved for morticians, gravediggers, and exorcists. In practice, many of the poorest, who failed to receive accurate horoscopes at birth, sell the warrens beneath the black walls.


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