The Rituals of SaiJayani

Pact with an Ifrit Lord

You have stood in the court of one of the ifrits or another elemental lord of fire. Beneath the judgment of his burning eyes, you passed whatever test of righteousness he saw fit to impose. The pact you struck lets you draw strength from the element of fire and shape its destructive power to your will.

Shaping Rituals

Whenever the sorcerer takes a shape sorcery action, she may draw an additional (Essence) sorcerous motes from any fire within medium range, coaxing its power into her spell. This diminishes the flame—a hallway of torches will be extinguished by a single invocation, while a bonfire might die down to small flames after the first, then go out altogether after the second. However, if the sorcerer is fighting near (or in!) a burning building, she has a nearly endless source of sorcerous motes to draw on. She may draw from fire elementals or other spirits of flame as well, draining (Essence) motes from their pools, but only if her shape sorcery roll exceeds their Resolve, and no more than once per scene against any one spirit. When the sorcerer draws Essence to fuel her control spell, flames are not diminished, and spirits do not lose the motes drawn from them.

The sorcerer’s patron offers her power in exchange for burnt offerings, breathing in the smoke of her tribute and rewarding her with glory. The sorcerer may make a prayer roll (Charisma + Performance, difficulty 5 minus the Resources value of any sacrifices offered along with the prayer) seeking power from her patron. Success grants her sorcerous motes equal to (her Essence + extra successes on the roll). These motes last for the duration of the story, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. She cannot pray for power more than once a day, and receiving new motes replaces any granted by past prayers.

The sorcerer has learned to cultivate the flames of passion in her own heart, using them to stoke the power of her spells. Whenever she would gain a point of Willpower from upholding an Intimacy that represents a passionate emotion or fervent belief, she may instead claim 5 sorcerous motes. These motes last until the next sunrise, and can be spent towards any spell she casts. Additionally, she may shed a level of intensity from such an Intimacy to channel its fire towards a spell she is shaping, adding sorcerous motes equal to the (original) intensity of the Intimacy. She cannot tap an Intimacy more than once per day this way.

Other Benefits

Unburnt Majesty (Merit ••): Having contracted with a lord of flame, the sorcerer commands the fealty of lesser fires. She doubles 8s on rolls to resist environmental hazards based on fire or heat, and adds her Essence to both soak and hardness against purely flame-based attacks such as firewand blasts.

The Burning Name (Merit ••): With the utterance of her patron’s name, the sorcerer may call forth flames, sending them streaming from her eyes, fingertips, or mouth. She might use this to light a campfire or incinerate ropes that bind her hands, and can also use it as an attack, rolling (Intelligence + Occult) to direct the flames, which are treated as a light mundane weapon with the lethal, thrown (short), and mounted tags.

Suzerain of Endless Flame (Merit ••): Fire answers readily to the sorcerer’s will. Whenever the sorcerer casts a spell that creates or manipulates fire as its primary effect, or summons a fire elemental, its cost is lowered by three sorcerous motes. If it’s her control spell, she may also waive a single point of Willpower from its cost once per day.


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