Umar Aja

Umar-Aja, Astronomer-Queen of Urim, gave birth to her son on the blackest night of Calibration, when no stars shone down from above. Though the wisest of oracles in a land of wise oracles, the sorceress could not read his horoscope to determine her son’s caste. Desperate that her child should not be among the dalit, the outcaste, Umar-Aja rose from her birthing bed and descended the 108 steps in her Tower of Ivory to a secret door, which she opened with a nameless key. Another 108 steps below she entered her Oubliette, and read her son’s horoscope upon the only stars visible during those Five Days Darkness, the stars of Hell. Whatever she saw in her foretelling, Umar-Aja spoke of it to no one. She burned her calculations, and cast the ashes upon her clothes. She named her son Anu-Umar, and sent him into exile in Harborhead. Then, specter of her once-mighty self, she quit her palace to wander forever, nameless and alone.

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